Gary Dunn To Be Released Says the Prosecutor

5 04 2011

I’m sure there are mixed feelings about this decision across the state.

Prosecutors said Tuesday they do not plan to try Gary Dunn for a third time in the slaying of a Russellville beauty queen who was killed in 2005.

The decision was revealed during a hearing in Pope County Circuit Court. Dunn, who had been in custody since his arrest, was released after the proceeding.

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They wouldn’t do that!

5 04 2011

This story from San Jose shows me a couple of things. First, accountability is absolutely necessary whether you are a child, a preacher or a police officer. Second, some law enforcement officers not only violate the Constitution, they do so knowingly.

Look at this excerpt:

According to a police recording entered into evidence during trial, the action stemmed from an incident on June 29, 2005 where officers William Hoyt and Craig Blank with at least five other uniformed officers responded to an unverified claim of abuse, entered the home of a San Jose family on a child welfare check, then removed two children without a warrant and later seized a third child as well.

The jury heard testimony during the week-long trial that officers in the department have never sought warrants or court orders for removing children – in violation of federal law – and then falsified their claims of an emergency to justify taking all of the children.

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Documentary on False Confessions

23 03 2011

Great documentary on False Confessions.

Illinois Supreme Court — Rahm back on ballot

25 01 2011

The Illinois Supreme Court on Tuesday ordered the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners to put former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel‘s name back on the ballot for mayor.

Emanuel took his case to the high court one day after a state appeals court ruled that he was not eligible to run for mayor because he didn’t live in Chicago for a year before the Feb. 22 vote.

Officially, the high court issued a stay — essentially stopping the lower court’s order to remove Emanuel’s name from the ballot — but it did not say whether it would hear his appeal.

In the meantime, the high court said, any ballots that are printed must include the former White House chief of staff’s name

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Arkansas May Ship Prison Inmates to Louisiana

24 01 2011

Although it would require a change in state law, the Governor is suggesting he is open to the idea of moving prison inmates out of state.

Arkansas Gov. Mike Beebe says officials in northern Louisiana have offered to house some inmates there for $28 a day. That’s less than half of the average cost to keep an inmate in prison in Arkansas, where the state’s prison population has more than doubled in the past two decades.


My food ad is running this week

24 01 2011

I found that the person in charge of dietary at the jail saw my ad and said something to my mother about it not knowing of her relationship to me.

Illinois Appeal Court Reverses Rahm

24 01 2011

From The Hill:

A 2-1 ruling from the Illinois Appellate Court reversed a decision by a Cook County Circuit Court that found Emanuel met the eligibility requirements to run.
The Appellate Court found that Emanuel had not met Chicago’s municipal code requirement of being a resident of the city for one year and that he is not exempt from the election laws for being absent on governmental business — meaning his work in Washington as President Obama’s chief of staff.